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Stage Stage Translation Room Room Translation
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 00 Entrance
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 01 Stalactite Room
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 02 Central Room Outside
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 03 Central Room
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 05 Before Boss Key
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 06 Boss Key
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 07 Right Wing Upper
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 08 Right Wing Lower
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 09 Before Deku Toad
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 10 Right Wing Water Supply
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 11 Left Wing Upper
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 12 Left Wing Lower
D_MN01 Lakebed Temple 13 Left Wing Water Supply
D_MN01A Morpheel 50 Morpheel
D_MN01B Deku Toad 51 Deku Toad
D_MN04 Goron Mines 01 Entrance
D_MN04 Goron Mines 03 Magnet Room
D_MN04 Goron Mines 04 Roll Clipping
D_MN04 Goron Mines 05 Before 1st Elder
D_MN04 Goron Mines 06 Clawshot Switch
D_MN04 Goron Mines 07 Outside
D_MN04 Goron Mines 09 Before Dangoro
D_MN04 Goron Mines 11 Bow
D_MN04 Goron Mines 12 Before Fyrus
D_MN04 Goron Mines 13 Bow-Magnet Shortcut Room
D_MN04 Goron Mines 14 1st Elder
D_MN04 Goron Mines 16 3rd Elder
D_MN04 Goron Mines 17 2nd Elder
D_MN04A Fyrus 50 Fyrus
D_MN04B Dangoro 51 Dangoro
D_MN05 Forest Temple 00 Main Room
D_MN05 Forest Temple 01 Right Wing Boss Key
D_MN05 Forest Temple 02 2nd Monkey
D_MN05 Forest Temple 03 Left Wing
D_MN05 Forest Temple 04 Outside
D_MN05 Forest Temple 05 3rd Monkey
D_MN05 Forest Temple 07 4th Monkey
D_MN05 Forest Temple 09 North Wing Turning Bridge
D_MN05 Forest Temple 10 Final Monkey
D_MN05 Forest Temple 11 6th Monkey
D_MN05 Forest Temple 12 Before Diababa
D_MN05 Forest Temple 19 7th Monkey
D_MN05 Forest Temple 22 Entrance
D_MN05A Diababa 50 Diababa
D_MN05B Ook 51 Ook
D_MN06 Temple of Time 00 Entrance
D_MN06 Temple of Time 01 First Staircase
D_MN06 Temple of Time 02 Turning Platform
D_MN06 Temple of Time 03 Statue Throws
D_MN06 Temple of Time 04 Second Staircase
D_MN06 Temple of Time 05 Scale Room
D_MN06 Temple of Time 06 Boss Key
D_MN06 Temple of Time 07 Third Staircase
D_MN06 Temple of Time 08 Before Gohma
D_MN06A Armogohma 50 Armogohma
D_MN06B Darknut 51 Darknut
D_MN07 City in the Sky 00 Entrance
D_MN07 City in the Sky 01 Before Main Room
D_MN07 City in the Sky 02 Main Room
D_MN07 City in the Sky 03 Right Wing Outside
D_MN07 City in the Sky 04 Right Wing Inside 1
D_MN07 City in the Sky 05 Before Aeralfos
D_MN07 City in the Sky 06 Left Wing Outside
D_MN07 City in the Sky 07 Right Wing Inside 2
D_MN07 City in the Sky 08 Right Wing Inside 3
D_MN07 City in the Sky 10 Left Wing Inside
D_MN07 City in the Sky 11 Big Baba Room
D_MN07 City in the Sky 12 After Big Baba Outside
D_MN07 City in the Sky 13 Before Boss Key Outside
D_MN07 City in the Sky 14 North Wing Outside
D_MN07 City in the Sky 15 North Wing Inside
D_MN07 City in the Sky 16 Oocca Shop
D_MN07A Argorok 50 Argorok
D_MN07B Aeralfos 51 Aeralfos
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 00 Entrance
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 01 Left Wing 1
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 02 Left Wing 2
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 04 Right Wing 1
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 05 Right Wing 2
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 07 Double Sol
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 08 Early Platform
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 09 Messengers before Zant
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 10 Beta Zant Room
D_MN08 Palace of Twilight 11 Boss Key
D_MN08A Zant Main Room 10 Zant Main Room
D_MN08B Phantom Zant 1 51 Phantom Zant 1
D_MN08C Phantom Zant 2 52 Phantom Zant 2
D_MN08D Zant Fight 50 Intro
D_MN08D Zant Fight 53 Diababa Phase
D_MN08D Zant Fight 54 Goron Mines Phase
D_MN08D Zant Fight 55 Lakebed Phase
D_MN08D Zant Fight 56 Ook Phase
D_MN08D Zant Fight 57 Blizzeta Phase
D_MN08D Zant Fight 60 Final Hyrule Phase
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 01 Inside Main Hall
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 02 Inside Darknut 1
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 03 Inside Left Wing 1
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 04 Inside Left Wing 2
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 05 Inside Right Wing 1
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 06 Inside Right Wing 2
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 08 Treasure Room
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 09 Graveyard
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 11 Entrance
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 12 Inside Final Ascension
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 13 Outside Left Wing
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 14 Outside Right Wing
D_MN09 Hyrule Castle 15 Outside Boss Key
D_MN09A Ganondorf Castle 50 Fight Inside
D_MN09A Ganondorf Castle 51 Intro Outside
D_MN09B Ganondorf Field 00 Ganondorf Field
D_MN09C Ganondorf Defeated 00 Ganondorf Defeated
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 00 Entrance
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 01 Before Main Room
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 02 Main Poe Room
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 03 2nd Poe
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 04 Before 3rd Poe
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 05 3rd Poe
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 06 Left Wing 1
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 07 Left Wing 2
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 08 4th Poe
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 09 Boss Key
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 10 Ooccoo
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 11 Before Death Sword
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 12 Before 4th Poe
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 13 Epic Spinner Room
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 14 After 3rd Poe
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 15 Right Wing
D_MN10 Arbiters Grounds 16 Big Turning Room
D_MN10A Stallord 50 Stallord
D_MN10B Death Sword 51 Death Sword
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 00 Entrance
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 01 Yeta
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 02 Yeto
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 03 Ice Puzzle
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 04 Courtyard
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 05 Ordon Pumpkin
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 06 Third Poe
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 07 Double Freezard
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 08 Double LJA
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 09 Ice Cannon Room
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 11 Boss Key
D_MN11 Snowpeak Ruins 13 Before Ordon Pumpkin
D_MN11A Blizzeta 50 Blizzeta
D_MN11B Darkhammer 49 Beta Room
D_MN11B Darkhammer 51 Darkhammer
D_SB00 Lanayru Ice Puzzle Cave 00 Lanayru Ice Puzzle Cave
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 00 Room 1
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 01 Room 2
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 02 Room 3
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 03 Room 4
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 04 Room 5
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 05 Room 6
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 06 Room 7
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 07 Room 8
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 08 Room 9
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 09 Room 10
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 10 Room 11
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 11 Room 12
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 12 Room 13
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 13 Room 14
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 14 Room 15
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 15 Room 16
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 16 Room 17
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 17 Room 18
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 18 Room 19
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 19 Room 20
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 20 Room 21
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 21 Room 22
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 22 Room 23
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 23 Room 24
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 24 Room 25
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 25 Room 26
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 26 Room 27
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 27 Room 28
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 28 Room 29
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 29 Room 30
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 30 Room 31
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 31 Room 32
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 32 Room 33
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 33 Room 34
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 34 Room 35
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 35 Room 36
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 36 Room 37
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 37 Room 38
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 38 Room 39
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 39 Room 40
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 40 Room 41
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 41 Room 42
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 42 Room 43
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 43 Room 44
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 44 Room 45
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 45 Room 46
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 46 Room 47
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 47 Room 48
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 48 Room 49
D_SB01 Cave of Ordeals 49 Room 50
D_SB02 Eldin Long Cave 00 Eldin Long Cave
D_SB03 Lake Hylia Long Cave 00 Lake Hylia Long Cave
D_SB04 Eldin Goron Stockcave 10 Eldin Goron Stockcave
D_SB05 Grotto 1 00 Grotto 1
D_SB06 Grotto 2 01 Grotto 2
D_SB07 Grotto 3 02 Grotto 3
D_SB08 Grotto 4 03 Grotto 4
D_SB09 Grotto 5 04 Grotto 5
D_SB10 Faron Woods Cave 00 Faron Woods Cave
F_SP00 Ordon Ranch 00 Ordon Ranch
F_SP102 Title Screen 00 Title Screen
F_SP103 Ordon Village 00 Main Village
F_SP103 Ordon Village 01 Outside Links House
F_SP104 Ordon Spring 01 Ordon Spring
F_SP108 Faron Woods 00 South Faron Entrance
F_SP108 Faron Woods 01 Faron Spring
F_SP108 Faron Woods 02 Transition Spring-Coro
F_SP108 Faron Woods 03 Gate before Coro
F_SP108 Faron Woods 04 Coro Area
F_SP108 Faron Woods 05 Mist Area
F_SP108 Faron Woods 06 North Faron
F_SP108 Faron Woods 08 Coro Shortcut to Mist
F_SP108 Faron Woods 11 Transition Mist-North Faron
F_SP108 Faron Woods 14 Small Key Cave
F_SP109 Kakariko Village 00 Kakariko Village
F_SP110 Death Mountain 00 Entrance
F_SP110 Death Mountain 01 Entrance-Mountain Transition 1
F_SP110 Death Mountain 02 Entrance-Mountain Transition 2
F_SP110 Death Mountain 03 Mountain
F_SP111 Kakariko Graveyard 00 Kakariko Graveyard
F_SP112 Zoras River 01 Zoras River
F_SP113 Zoras Domain 00 Inside
F_SP113 Zoras Domain 01 Outside
F_SP114 Snowpeak 00 First Half
F_SP114 Snowpeak 01 Second Half
F_SP114 Snowpeak 02 Transition Cave
F_SP115 Lake Hylia 00 Lake
F_SP115 Lake Hylia 01 Fountain
F_SP116 Castle Town 00 Central
F_SP116 Castle Town 01 North
F_SP116 Castle Town 02 West
F_SP116 Castle Town 03 South
F_SP116 Castle Town 04 East
F_SP117 Sacred Grove 01 Master Sword
F_SP117 Sacred Grove 02 Temple of Time
F_SP117 Sacred Grove 03 Lost Woods
F_SP118 Bublin Camp 00 Camp Geometry (dont use!)
F_SP118 Bublin Camp 01 Main Camp
F_SP118 Bublin Camp 02 Beta Camp
F_SP118 Bublin Camp 03 Before Arbiters Grounds
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 00 Eldin Main Field
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 01 Faron-Eldin Transition
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 02 Eldin Entrance
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 03 Eldin Gorge
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 04 Eldin Gorge-Main Transition 1
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 05 Eldin Gorge-Main Transition 2
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 06 Faron Main Field
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 07 Eldin-Lanayru Transition
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 09 Lanayru Entrance
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 10 Lanayru Main Field
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 11 Lanayru Main-Bridge Transition 1
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 12 Lanayru Main-Bridge Transition 2
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 13 Lanayru Lake Hylia Bridge
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 14 Faron-Lanayru Transition
F_SP121 Hyrule Field 15 Faron-Lanayru Gate
F_SP122 Outside Castle Town 08 West Field
F_SP122 Outside Castle Town 16 South Field
F_SP122 Outside Castle Town 17 East Field
F_SP123 Bublin 2 13 Bublin 2
F_SP124 Gerudo Desert 00 Gerudo Desert
F_SP125 Mirror Chamber 04 Mirror Chamber
F_SP126 Upper Zoras River 00 Upper Zoras River
F_SP127 Fishing Pond 00 Fishing Pond
F_SP128 Hidden Village 00 Hidden Village
F_SP200 Hidden Skill 00 Hidden Skill
R_SP01 Ordon Village 00 Bo House
R_SP01 Ordon Village 01 Shop House
R_SP01 Ordon Village 02 Shield House
R_SP01 Ordon Village 04 Links House
R_SP01 Ordon Village 05 Sword House
R_SP01 Ordon Village 07 Links House Storage
R_SP107 Hyrule Castle Sewers 00 Prison
R_SP107 Hyrule Castle Sewers 01 Sewers
R_SP107 Hyrule Castle Sewers 02 Rooftops
R_SP107 Hyrule Castle Sewers 03 Zeldas Tower
R_SP108 Faron Woods 00 Coros House
R_SP109 Kakariko Village 00 Renardos Sanctuary
R_SP109 Kakariko Village 01 Barnes Shop
R_SP109 Kakariko Village 02 Hotel
R_SP109 Kakariko Village 03 Malos Shop
R_SP109 Kakariko Village 04 Top House
R_SP109 Kakariko Village 05 Bomb House
R_SP109 Kakariko Village 06 Bug House
R_SP110 Death Mountain 00 Goron Elder Cave
R_SP116 Telmas Bar 05 Telmas Bar
R_SP116 Telmas Bar 06 Jovani-Sewers Transition
R_SP127 Fishing Pond 00 Henas House
R_SP128 Hidden Village 00 Impaz House
R_SP160 Castle Town 00 Malos Shop
R_SP160 Castle Town 01 Fortune Teller House
R_SP160 Castle Town 02 Doctor House
R_SP160 Castle Town 03 Agitha House
R_SP160 Castle Town 04 Goron Shops
R_SP160 Castle Town 05 Jovani House
R_SP161 Star Game 07 Star Game
R_SP209 Kakariko Graveyard 07 Sanctuary Cave (Sky Cannon)
R_SP300 Light Arrows Cutscene 00 Light Arrows Cutscene
R_SP301 Hyrule Castle Cutscenes 00 Hyrule Castle Cutscenes
S_MV000 Deleted 00 Deleted